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Post by James.P on Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:14 am

I am James P. I had registered as a member a week ago, and did not post anything and yet I am still here (guess even the admin is being inactive). However, I decided to take the effort to introduce myself to those who are still active out there. I do hope this post could spikes up the forum or else this forum looks fucking dead.

I was once a super AFC. Basically speaking, I was very shy and had problem looking into women's eyes when I am talking to them. God blessed me that I get to know daygame ( I feel lucky to try daygame before getting into nightgame ). So I started daygaming and yeah, I now could hold a conversation longer and have higher confidence.

My greatest weaknesses as far as the game is concerned, is that I am from a Chinese background family, and thus I can speak only decent English. But it's not hard to overcome this though. My second weakness, and also the greatest weakness I would say, is that I tend to fall into the friendzone area, or fails to attract the women I am interested in.

I know that my second weakness has got to do with my self confidence. Let me put it this way. I am still struggling on :
-defining my life
-getting comfortable with my own self
-ascertaining values of my own
-not congruent

So now my main aim is to work on the issues that I listed above. I have touched on different materials prepared by different PUAs such as David X (my very first), Sasha, YAD, Neil Strauss, Mystery and etc, and was recently trying out Mystery's routines. So I was thinking maybe you guys could point out what I did wrong if I posted my field reports here, and that's why I am here.

I like to teach others about the things that I have learned so far. But honestly speaking, I am not up to that level to teach people on gaming (girls). If I one day become a good PUA, I would totally love to share and teach the others.

Thank you.

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