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This is what you'll learn out of the program.


Friday around 2:30 you meet your Instructor and discuss all aspects of the TDD Theory.This is where you will learn the entire system of Troy Dizon Dating.

* Getting Primal: Key Mindset Training for Male Power
* The 3 Female Brains and Modes of Communication - Logical, Emotional and Primal
* Self-Awareness and Building your Character
* The Awareness of What Women Want
* Talking Spontaneously and Effectively to a Woman.
* The 4 Vibes: Fun, Charismatic, Dominant and Sexual and how to Transition
* Social Dynamics and Mass Control (Groups and the entire Room)
* Posture, Creating Presence and having a Sexy Swagger
* Leading. Physically and Verbally
* Foreshadowing
* Sexual Non-Verbals, Foreplay and Touch
* Tension Builders and Natural Barriers
* Purposeful Interactions: Closing the Deal and Trusting your Instincts

We Break around 6:30 and meet up at 10:30 for a “Reality Breaker” Night. Usually held at an upscale lounge or friendly bar, this is where you and your instructor hit the field and practice what you learned in the classroom. This will be your first dip in the pool. Trust me, this isn’t your standard pick up camp where your instructor “forces” you into groups of women (and if not, apparently you have anxiety…bullshit). You are tasked with specific skill sets that you will do with less pressure, and repeat for maximum learning and experience gathering. By the first night your perspectives towards male-female interactions will totally be revamped! After a wild and Eye-opening evening you get debriefed by your Instructor and everyone calls it a night.


We start at 2:30 doing a quick review on last night, do some fine-tuning and identify things to improve on. It’s the daytime guys, so you and your instructor are going to multitask a bit over the next 3 hours. Some guys choose to have an image consultation first, so your instructor will take you to some nice spots to get excellent clothes that will fit your budget. He’ll give you key insights to what archetypes are out there and what will fit your appearance and personality. After getting that new Swagging look day time game is discussed. You will be taught simple yet effective Conversational skills and transitions in the day time. You will learn how to have an Instant Date with a girl from a bookstore, music store, or down the street. You will also learn Store or Mall game and effectively get the phone number of the cute sales attendant you’ve always wanted to take out.

By 2:30 we break and meet again. Now at this point you would have amassed some really good experiences leading to your second night. Old sticking points are polished, appearance and archetype is fixed, and you are stoked! BUT guess what, your instructor will include one final lethal dimension to your game: DANCE FLOOR GAME. As you know, Troy IS the Master of seducing women in the dance floor (the only one to create a precise system of doing so effectively) and all his instructors kick-ass in that area. They will break down dance game dynamics, engaging women, sexual touching, and sexualized conversations within the dance floor. You will learn how to become the shining star before 10:30 hits. When you hit the night scene the second time, you can bet to have some insane “A-ha” moments as well as some hooking up with women. No longer are you afraid of socializing and hitting the dance floor, something 90% of guys can’t even do. You are going to become a true field monster and will harness that “Social Superpower” you learned all weekend long. If you haven’t taken a girl home by 2:00, your Instructor will happily debrief the group again.

Sunday is really special. We meet for one final time and have a 3-hour long debrief on everything that can be done post-bootcamp. That includes habits, mindsets, and programs to keep the fire burning long after you and your instructor say farewell to each other. You will also be given key learnings from our “vault of secrets” when it comes to networking, doubling your female social network, seducing women in your social circle, and dominating your campus. You will be taught the nifty online game we teach from our Champions of Choice series and will learn Pipelining as well. You will also be given tried and tested Date Ideas so that you can seal the deal quicker than most guys who opt for dinner and coffee meets that don’t go anywhere. Listen, we have an incredible pedigree of successful students and it’s been this way for several years now. We have very specific teaching methods as well as the ability to customize the teachings to you guys so that you can get a very special weekend learning experience. I can’t stress enough how awesome and well-rounded our boot camps are. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

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(…and get this legendary program at a steal if you keep reading)

“You Can’t Be Yourself if Yourself SUCKS”

Billy Bob Thorton from the Movie, School for Scoundrels

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is very true. A majority of men who aren’t satisfied with their dating and social lives hide behind the concept of “being themselves.”

It’s the best excuse there is in the world for not facing the music and going after a goal set in unfamiliar territory…

….and with good reason:

It’s scary to admit your weaknesses.

It’s scary to put yourself out there socially.

It’s scary to escalate an interaction with a woman sexually.

It’s scary to build your dream lifestyle if you’re starting from practically nothing.

Most companies will not be honest and upfront with you about how you come across and will tell you that “you haven’t approached enough” or “fix your vibe” or “learn x-y-z technique.” Those companies are NOT Troy Dizon Dating.
Being Yourself and Not Succeeding is Not Being Yourself

I wasn’t happy being where I was in life. Social Wise, Dating Wise, and heck, my lifestyle consisted of going to school and the house and that was it. I always used to just accept these circumstances and play it off like the weeds in the garden never existed. Over time, those holes in my lifestyle accumulated, and I found myself at eighteen years old with a lack of direction socially and a fear of succeeding with women. Worse off, I was still a virgin who had not even succeeded in a conversation with any girl.

Most people we meet have made the mistake of not investing in a qualified, well-experienced personal trainer in the past. Like majority of people scouring for free dating advice on the web, they tried to juice various forums, podcasts, videos and what not to get a free piece of the action. Some that I know of even boast of having gigabytes and gigabytes of hard drive space filled with tons and tons dating CD’s , e-books, and DVD’s. Well, over our seven year experience in the industry we found out that these guys who try to “accumulate knowledge” just do not succeed in the real world. Theoretical knowledge, or worse theoretical knowledge amassed from multiple, incongruent, and under qualified sources, just adds up to a long, painful journey of trial and error and missed opportunities.

I had enough of being where I was, and had made a commitment to do a complete 180 on everything in life. As I’ve said before I was going into unfamiliar and scary territory, but the thought of going through my young adult life with mediocrity just did not sit well with me. So, I took the plunge, made a choice, and I never looked back since.

Had I not chosen to change my ways, and pick up very good mentors at twenty years old, I could just imagine how bad things would have been to my dating life (I would still be a virgin), and that Troy Dizon Dating would probably never have existed. Proof? I still look at the face book profiles of the crowd I used to have when I sucked, and boy was I thankful I made the choice or I could’ve ended up like them!
Look, The Most Powerful thing in this World is CHOICE

It all boils down to The Choice to Evolve. This is the true concept of improvement and why people sign up for our programs. They find the need to evolve. The mere fact you’re contemplating on a program with us right now simply means that you are running blind on your improvement and need a qualified, proven trainer to set you on the path of evolving.

We are an honest, globally operating company and our very high success rate is based on our integrity of being real with our students and them being real with themselves. There is no other program that makes this magic formula happen other than our One-on-one, Private Instruction Camps.


Private Instruction Camps are highly customized, one-on-one , weekend Live Instruction camps with qualified, well-trained and experienced TDD Instructors. All our upper tier guys have taken a PI sometime in the past and have credited their monster successes to the two and a half days they had going at it one on one with their instructor. You have the option to fly to your chosen instructor, or have them travel to you. Yes, it is another investment to the camp’s price, but it ensures us that our students are serious about development and not just shopping for more theory.

We have done close to two hundred PI camps in the past and have changed many, many lives because of them. We have a special formula that has been developed over the years to ensure that you “get it” or “will get it” during and after the experience. All you have to do is read our reviews to see that our results are on another level compared to other so-called pick up and dating companies out there.
Click here and Take a Quick Peek At What Our Students Have Been Achieving

Okay, now you’ve seen what’s possible. Let’s discuss what actually goes on during these camps.

Before the Camp:

After you sign up, your instructor will personally get in touch with you via phone and send you a questionnaire that zeroes in on your current situation with women and dating. We do this because there may be details that you forgot to pass onto us during the call, and details do matter. The questionnaire is there to break down your current profile. In addition, being honest in answering the questionnaire we believe sets up a trusting relationship between client and instructor.
“Looking Back, What was Impossible for me then, is Normal to me now”

Tuan, 2009 Private Instruction Student and Current Captain (Apprentice Instructor) Candidate. Lost his Virginity through TDD and infamous for the “threesome date” at age 20.

During The Camp:

You will be with your Instructor almost 24-7. Most other companies will do a quick seminar and break off in between and then the “guru” is never seen again in action (maybe 5-15 minutes tops). If you are flying to your instructor we will give you the option of having him room with you, so that you will see that our guys are not fake weekend warriors. These guys are truly high quality, high status men who don’t hang up their gloves after the night is over. You will get a piece of their lifestyle and understand how that ties in with the mindsets and the skill sets.

We don’t lowball your dating goals to “approaching women” or “getting a kiss” or “getting a number.” These are very short sighted things that are sold to you by the pick-up community. There is a very low retention rate from their clients because NONE of these aforementioned goals really change their core and better their social and dating lives for the long term. They are there to pigeon-hole you into thinking you need to put in more work into their long journey of mastering a flawed craft. It isn’t a surprise most guys who are into this are 2-3 years in and haven’t any real successes they can be proud of or have well attuned personalities.
“The First Part of the Private Instruction Camp is like a HUGE A-HA MOMENT”

Art, 2009 Live Program Alumni, Currently Dating Women Who used to be Out of his League. Every now and then emails me telling me he loves me.

There are two major divisions that we tackle stringently during your Private Instruction Camp:

I. Mindsets and Awareness, as well as

II. The TDD Skill Sets - Verbal, Nonverbal, and Conveyance Skills

We are a company whose teachings rely heavily on awareness. You and your instructor will go through real world concepts on improving the awareness of yourself, women, and the underlying threads of social interactions. Nothing being taught is theoretical: All of these have been proven over and over in the past by TDD Instructors and Alumni. Almost all “naturals” who bump into us couldn’t agree more with what we’re teaching. Once you start getting the multiple a-ha moments in the class room, there is no doubt that it will start making you see social interactions with women in a different light.
“It’s like seeing everything women do, but telegraphed. It’s like the Damn Matrix.”

Mike. 2008 Private Instruction Alumni and Current Karaoke Bar Playa. Sleeps with Hot Milfs on a boring day.

After all the excitement and build up during the class, we will break for a few hours to relax, have dinner, and hit the field (usually to a social venue like a bar, house party, or an upscale lounge). Again, there’s very little pressure because you already know what’s going to happen next. It’s a treat in itself to see all that theory actually unfold in the field.

To add to that, we don’t just tell you to keep approaching women and explain why it did or didn’t work, we’ll give you multiple, low-pressure skill set objectives. All of this is to increase your awareness like I’ve said previously. We don’t just allow you to try and put things together then flounder in the field. Having specific objectives raises your confidence and totally erases anxieties and fear of talking to women, and again we have a special formula to make the successive results happen. To add to that, your instructor will be demonstrating the skill sets himself, and show you how it works for a return demo shortly after.

As your night ends, your instructor will give you a debrief on the happenings of the night. We will go through the set objectives for the night: were they met, what worked, didn’t work, and what needs to be improved on the second day.

On the second day, we will provide you with new skill sets and objectives to work with. This is also the time where your foundations are going to be sealed, and your instructor will most likely add a little “personal touch” to the camp by teaching you some of the unique concepts he does stylistically.

At the second night of going out, you will notice a higher level of awareness, the highest you’ve ever had. Because of the polished, fine tuning applied to you by your instructor during the previous day and a half, you will start stacking up your skill sets and will have the confidence to put things together boldly. The second night is also a celebration for many, as its even more low pressure than the first night due to some solid foundations already learned.
“Troy Dizon Dating is a LIFESTYLE Company, not a Pick Up Company”

Kojones from San Francisco, 2008 Private Instruction Alumni who currently enjoys dating women all over the world.

After a whirlwind two days and nights of meeting women and seeing the social matrix, Sunday is where we do our Lifestyle Design Debrief. Remember that most companies do not do this final piece of the puzzle simply because they don’t live 24/7 attractive lives. Most of them will opt to teach you “texting or calling game” for hours as an excuse for not having the answers.

Because of the questionnaire and the relationship built days before the camp, your instructor will give you some solid applicable pointers to compliment your lifestyle. We will provide you with tried and tested ways of

* How to work your dimensions and identity and have women chase you for it
* How to pipeline (increase your social circle dramatically), and seduce women in it
* Working Realistically on Logistics and Designing your Living Space to attract more women
* Customizing the skill sets to your hobbies, and so on.

OUR GOAL for this part of the camp is for you to have retention in your dating and social life. Its one thing to keep going out on the hunt, but it’s another thing to know the “backburner stuff” that can attract women with you basically doing nothing.

When you apply the stuff you learn on Sunday after the camp, you will notice women calling you, asking you out, and begging to come over your place. I kid you not. This is probably out of your reality right now, but this stuff actually happens to our clients! All due to the amazing lifestyle design debrief of your Private Instruction camp.

After the Camp:

Days, weeks, even months after your camp, your relationship with your instructor never fades. You will still have that access to him like you did in your camp. We will communicate with you via online, email, or even through the phone to check on you and see if you need fine pointers to improve. Most companies will take your money and you’ll never hear from them again. TDD is a family and once you’re with TDD, you are part of a brotherhood of a higher status of men.

You will also gain Access to our Graduate Forum, a private community for our alumni to share their post-camp experiences, ask for expert advice, and know that they’re not the only ones out there in the journey. We have multiple experts on our forums to answer your post-camp questions and give you advice to get to the next level.

You will also have the opportunity to join our Rankings system. Rankings are our way of rewarding TDD students who commit to change and actually go for the results. Higher rankings means bigger perks such as free personal coaching, free attendance to TDD Live camps, discounted products, and so on. Rankings are also the first step for you if you’re inspired enough to become a TDD Instructor one day.

All you have to do is to sign up on your chosen instructor and choose from the available dates below. If you do not live where your chosen instructor lives, you are responsible for travel and lodging expenses for your camp. Most instructors are within reach to minimize this expense.

If you would like to travel to your instructor for training, we will work with you towards the best logistics possible based on your preference and budget.

After you sign up we will email you personally and the pre-event stuff will commence. We will send you the questionnaire as well as call you to brief you on the camp.

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seems i need stop eating and drinking to go class...@@


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If that can help you ha ha
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